Men’s Softball

2014 Hurricane Men’s Softball Schedule

Day of week Date Opponent Uniform
Thursday 17-Apr-14 FB Methodist Orange
Monday 21-Apr-14 Rive Ridge Blue
Monday 28-Apr-14 TV Presbyterian Orange
Friday 9-May-14 Hurricane CC Blue
Thursday 15-May-14 FBCOH Orange
Thursday 22-May-14 Catholic Church Blue
Thursday 29-May-14 TV Baptist Orange
Monday – Friday 2-6 June 14 Make-ups TBA
Monday 9-Jun-14 FB Methodist Blue
Thursday 19-Jun-14 River Ridge Orange
Friday 27-Jun-14 TV Presbyterian Blue
Monday 30-Jun-14 Hurricane CC Orange
Friday 11-Jul-14 FBCOH Blue
Tuesday 15-Jul-14 Catholic Church Orange
Monday 21-Jul-14 TV Baptist Blue
League Tourney 28 JUL-2 AUG 14 TBA TBA

* Bold days of the week, represent our teams home games.
* If shown home team we are responsible for the prayer prior to start of the game.
game. NOTE: Show up earlier and assist with the field preparation.
* A player must attend six (6) regular season games to qualify for the league tourney.
* The league has no insurance-players play at there own risk.
* A team must have eight (8) players to start.
* One courtesy runner per inning (last out).
* Players start with 1 ball/1 strike count. Second foul after second strike the batter is out.
* Any bat must be ASA approved by online website and umpire approved
* 3 homeruns per game, and then it will progressive -1 at a time.
* Players must use the outside bag at first base when a play is being made at first base.
* There will be no tolerance for profanity, fighting, or un-sportsman-like-conduct.
* We need to have good fellowship and share the witness of Jesus Christ.
*** I will contact each player once I hear from the league on rain-outs and or
in-climate weather.
POC: Steve Deweese
CELL: (304)550-8134
HOME: (304)757-9219
POC: Bobby Baldwin
Cell: (304)389-6173

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