Family Connection June 15, 2017


2:19-22 19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, 20 built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.
21 In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. 22 And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

The church is one of the most beautiful things ever created by God. He is knitting His children together and is empowering them by His Spirit.

Let me remind you of five characteristics of God’s Forever Family. These are characteristics that God desires us to possess and reflect. Whether you have experienced all five, the challenge is to make sure that your life reflects these characteristics so that you can be led by God’s Spirit and used by God to make the kind of impact on others in the Body of Christ that God desires for you to make.


The Family of God is like a healthy earthly family. What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. When I need to borrow something, when you need something I have, there is a freedom to go to one another and ask for something. There is also a spirit of generosity that just flows between us when we are allowing God’s Spirit to lead us.


It is through Biblical teaching and interactions with the Body of Christ where we become trained to know and do the will of God. We learn about loving. We learn about serving. We learn how to grow in our Christian walk. We learn how to treat our spouses and children and how to glorify God in the workplace by watching the example of godly leaders. We learn about faith and how to trust God for the big things as well as the little things. When one of the Body of Christ stands to testify to the goodness of God and to His miraculous power, we are impacted. Our faith grows taller.


Having a church family to lean on during difficult times is so helpful. It may be the number one fringe benefit. To have others pray for you, to have Christ-like people who will listen to your concerns, to have people who will go the extra mile when you need an extra hand, to have people who will weep with you-These are intangibles that are life-giving, life-changing benefits.

1 Corinthians 12:26 26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it.

God knew we would need people with skin on to enter into our times of suffering with us. Isn’t that awesome?


What does a shepherd do? A shepherd looks after the sheep. A shepherd helps care for the sheep. A shepherd makes sure each sheep is securely in the pen each night. There are times, due to the pressures of life, that people, even Christians, start to stray. They miss a Sunday, and one Sunday becomes two, and before you know it they miss a month and then an entire season. We have a responsibility to help each other stay in the fold. We are accountable to one another.


Romans 12:15 says we should rejoice with those who rejoice!

Here’s the thing: The church needs to be the place that is so full of love, help, support, compassion, generosity and joy that is the place that becomes irresistible to the world. If you haven’t experienced any of the five characteristics I have described here at TVCOG perhaps you should make it your goal to make sure no one else misses out on them either.

What can you add to this family? What investment can you make in the lives of others who worship here? Who can you help draw to this family? May God, through the leading of His Spirit and our faithful obedience help us to continue to grow this family one child of God at a time.

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