Family Connection July 05, 2017


Sunday’s message was tied to the movie, Sully, which involved a safe water landing of a commercial airliner with 155 passengers on board. Using the storyline from the film, we asked ourselves what we would do when something hits us “out of the blue.”


There are moments in life that cannot be planned for. They come without warning, but they can be prepared for in a sense.

When you are faced with an unexpected crisis, when something hits you “out of the blue” that you weren’t counting on or even dreamed was possible, it will be your spiritual preparation, it will be the anchor of your faith, it will be your knowledge of God’s Word, it will be the foundation of your prayer life that will help you make the right decisions when something strikes out of the blue. You may not think you need the Lord today. You may not see a need to know how to pray in this moment. You may not think God’s Word could add anything to your life right now because everything is hunky dory, but let me tell you something, in the moment of crises, when it all hits the fan, those who have set their hearts on God and have spent time in His Word, those who know how to cry out to God on prayer and to cling to God in faith, they are the ones who will land the plane on the water rather than crash and burn.


Peace from God is available to us when the unexpected happens, but we have to choose to accept it.

Isaiah 26:3-You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.
Perfect peace. Notice the condition of the promise. Peace comes as we trust in the Lord! Peace comes as we remain unshaken in our thought-life to believe God for His very best.
Psalm 29:11-“The Lord gives strength to his people, the Lord blesses his people with peace.”

Our God is the God of peace IN THE MIDST of the storm, and it comes in the form of a special strength, a supernatural strength, and Psalm 29 calls it a BLESSING! Isn’t that cool? When you are distressed by life’s trials, you can also be blessed by God AT THE SAME TIME!


Our relationships are important. The people God places in our paths are important. We can’t get so self-absorbed, so self-focused, that we forget the people God is putting in front of us that need to know Him. And how we handle what we go through can either draw people to Him or push people away from Him. If we are angry and blame God for the trials of life, others can fail to see God as good! Here’s the thing: God has a plan to use even our trials to reveal and prove His love for others. When the unexpected and unplanned and unwanted strikes, you can crash or you can land. You may still deal with a loss of altitude. You may still deal with a change in direction. But if you will plan now to trust the God who can’t fail, if you will choose His peace, and if you will stay focused on glorifying Him in front of people, you will be safe.

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